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Clouder has taken the world of vaping by storm with our first of its kind vape shop marketplace, bringing vape eLiquids & eCigs to your door in under 1 hour! With many of you opting in favour of vaping as a healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking, it is crucial to ensure pharmaceutical grade ingredients and top-notch customer service is what you get.

The beginnings of Clouder can be traced back to the dorms at Imperial College London where Tomas Zalatoris (CEO) and Sebastian Mineev (CAO) met Jonas Simanavicius who left his position as an Application Developer at J.P Morgan to become Clouder's new CTO. An incredible journey was on the cards for them; as they took this company from humble beginning to the thunderstorm of noise it is today. From the bottom of our hearts we would love to thank the kaleidoscope of fantastic people, and myriad of distinguished vape shops, that made this company into the epitomical success it is today.

Clouder philosophy & sometimes practice…

3 Golden Rules of Debating:

  • State, what you are going to do.
  • Do it.
  • Explain, why you did it.