Only 54% of Independent Fast-Food and Takeaway Outlets Achieving ‘Good’ Hygiene

Fast-food and takeaway outlets are a central feature of many towns and cities across the UK. Whilst recognisable chains have grown quickly, apparent by their dominating presence on the landscape of high-streets, independent fast-food and takeaway outlets have managed to stay relevant and as enticing.

Aside from the competitive prices – it’s often the authenticity that these independent fast-food and takeaway outlets embody that attracts customers. With such ‘influences’ at the forefront of their appetite, consumers often don’t consider the hygiene and cleanliness of the outlets they choose to eat from – especially when they are tired and hungry!!!

With recognisable chains usually operating under a franchise model, they are always conscious about adequately adhering to the rigorously set safety and hygiene standards. Whereas with independent fast-food and takeaway outlets, they are under no foresight, thus entirely responsible for implementing as well as managing their own safety and hygiene levels.

At, we wanted to find out how well independent fast-food and takeaway outlets across the UK are performing with regards to hygiene, so conducted our own extensive research.


From the central point of 25 different towns and cities across the UK, we wanted to find out the exact number of independent fast-food and takeaway outlets within a one-mile radius. The fast-food and takeaway outlets we looked are were: Pizza, Kebab, Chicken, Chinese, Indian and Fish & Chips. They were selected on the bases that they are usually the most popular options when it comes to fast-food and takeaways in England and Wales.

Once we had all the takeaway spots, we cross-referenced the government’s ‘Food Standards Agency’ to find out their current hygiene rating from their latest inspection. The ratings ranged from 0 to 5 and were classified as: 0 = Urgent Improvement Necessary, 1 = Major Improvement Necessary, 2 = Improvement Necessary, 3 = Generally Satisfactory, 4 = Good and 5 = Very Good.

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Overall a total of 742 fast-food and takeaway outlets were reviewed for the research. Out of the 742 – 10 were rated as ‘0-Urgent Improvement Necessary’, 84 as ‘1-Major Improvement Necessary’, 49 as ‘2-Improvement Necessary’, 197 as ‘3-Generally Satisfactory’, 179 as ‘4-Good’ and 223 as ‘5-Very Good’. A comprehensive breakdown through the table below highlights the varying ratings which independent fast-food and takeaway outlets have received in each of the 25 reviewed different towns and cities:

Consumer Perspectives

“When I usually get a takeaway, I think about the type of food I fancy and the price. As long as they have what I am looking for and the prices are reasonable, I don’t really consider anything else. I don’t often consider the hygiene and I wouldn’t question it because you put your trust in them to have the highest standards”. – Michael (36) from Leicester

“Just like many people, I personally prefer going to independent rather than well-established fast-food outlets. Independent outlets don’t only offer better value but provide a more authentic experience. I do tend to overlook hygiene and their attitude towards cleanliness. This research certainly shows that independent outlets do not make it their primary priority. Hygiene is something which I am going to begin to consider when making the decision of where to eat from”. – Laura (28) from York

“I really like independent fast-food and takeaway outlets compared to high street brands. They tend to have a wider selection and are more generous with their portion sizes; which means you’re getting more value for your money. I usually get a takeaway at least once a week and I don’t think I have ever once thought about the hygiene” – Kunal (32) from London

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