DotMod Petri V2: A Question of Flavour

We were impressed with the DotBox V2 in our recent review but a new mod is only half the story. It’s the combination of mod and RBA that delivers flavour. So, it’s only fair we tested both DotMod Petri V2 atomizers to see if they deliver on our core criteria: clouds and flavour.
The DotMod Petri V2 has been a flagship for the San Diego based company. In fact, their Rebuildable Atomizers (RBA) are more popular than their mods. Today, we’re reviewing the DotMod Petri V2 in both its forms: the Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDA) and the Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA).

What’s the difference between an RBA, RTA and RDA?

An RTA and a RDA are both types of Rebuildable Atomizer- or RBA. Although built for regulated mods, rebuildable atomizers are versatile enough to use with a mechanical mod as well; one of the reasons they’re favoured by enthusiasts.

An RDA stands for a rebuildable drip atomizer. It starts with a bottom deck, 24 Karat gold plated in DotMod atomizers, which is setup with coils and wick. eLiquid is dripped directly onto the deck where it is rapidly vapourised. The user then refills the deck every few hits by removing the cap. This process makes an RDA less convenient than an RTA but pays off in clouds and flavour.

An RTA stands for a rebuildable tank atomizer. The main difference is that it has a sealed tank, also 24 karat gold plated, rather than an open deck. That makes it easier to use on the go with less time spent refilling. The added convenience of an RTA though, comes at the expense of flavour according to most experts.

DotMod RDA: Big on Flavour

The DotMod Petri V2 UK release date came at the back end of 2017. It arrives in 4 pieces neatly placed in a slick, magnetic box. Inside the compartments there’s a drip tip, 24 karat gold plated deck, top cap and coils.

It uses a two-post system which provides more room for experimenting with coil combinations. The juice deck on the DotMod RDA is very deep as well so you get a good amount of hits per fill. There’s less chance of spilling precious eLiquid on a DotMod Petri V2 because the drip tip has a luxurious 18mm diameter; much wider than most RBAs.

DotMod Petri V2 UK
DotMod Petri V2 RTA (left), DotMod Petri V2 RDA (right)

When it comes to the DotMod Petri V2, UK flavour chasers will be more than satisfied. That’s because the topcap has a cone-like design which improves flavour by squeezing vapour into denser clouds. When we hooked it up to a larger mechanical mod though, we found it got very hot, very quickly making it ill-suited for industrial scale cloud making. On flavour though, its hard to find anything wrong with the DotMod Petri V2.

DotMod RTA: Vaping on the Move

The popularity of the DotMod RTA has made it hard to get hold of in the states. Luckily, DotMod Petri V2 UK stocks are still widely available. Its standout feature is the post-less system which frees up a lot of room for complex builds and coil experiments.

The 24 Karat Gold Plated deck has big build potential when combined with a mechanical mod. But if you’re looking for large clouds you’ll be disappointed. Both the DotMod Petri V2 RDA and RTA use conical caps which make for smaller, denser vape that delivers on flavour.


Whichever your preference the DotMod Petri V2 is a solid, albeit expensive investment. 24 Karat gold plated decks make them standout visually but also play a key role in flavour; Gold being a non-reactive metal that offers cleaner hits.

DotMod Petri UK
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If you’re looking to combine with a mechanical mod you should be wary of how fast these heat-up. That said, if you own a DotBox V2 you won’t find a smoother combination than these RBA’s. In the end, DotMod have focused on flavour rather than cloud production and they’ve suceeded. These RBA’s are guaranteed to get the most flavour from your eLiquids.

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