DotMod UK review: All style and no substance? Or something more…

Few companies can generate the kind of buzz that comes with a DotMod UK release. Serious turbulence, beginning with the sale of the company and ending with an infamous bust-up in the vape community, made 2017 a controversial year for DotMod.
Public apologies were issued, products were recalled and, during it all, a new DotBox released.
DotMod’s 200W DotBox shows encouraging signs of improvement on previous versions; the switch to dual 18650 batteries being the most obvious. But have they done enough to justify a budget busting £139.99?

What we already know about the DotBox

The popular criticism of DotMod is that their products are all style no substance. They look sexy, cost a bomb but fail to deliver in the performance stakes. It’s an unfair comparison because a DotBox has never been about big clouds or huge output, it’s about flavour.

And, flavour chasers will be looking forward to the DotBox V2.

First impressions of the DotMod UK

Premium grade products come in premium boxes and the DotBox V2 doesn’t disappoint. The little black box is magnetically connected with a gold inner trim. It opens like a clam but instead of a pearl inside, there’s a new mod. A mod with the smart, anodized finish that is their signature.

DotBox UK V2

New mods are judged on fine margins. This one has smooth, bevelled edges alongside a magnetic battery case which holds firm in motion but clicks out smoothly. On the mod itself, three chunky buttons are finished in gold which matches the 510 thread: a 24 Karat gold plated brass, set centrally.

Inside the box is a certificate of authenticity, a shiny new mod set in a neat compartment as well as a concise user manual. The overall package is sharp, branded and trim. Everything a premium product should be. But this isn’t a beauty contest, so let’s move on to performance.

Smart Features

A 200W output is pretty standard in this price bracket. The side facing OLED screen displays power output, battery and coil resistance. Hold down the main button and the display switches to show voltage.

There’s no ramp up time. Even at the upper limits of power outage, firing the button provides an instant hit. Three clicks of a button opens the menu system. Here, there’s presets for nickel, titanium and stainless-steel coils as well as ramp up adjustment.

Intuitive DotBox design

A new mod should have a simple interface. What sets the DotBox V2 apart is attention to small details. The temp control rolls over, allowing shifts from 5W to 200W in one click. Its charger has a built-in lightning cable to charge an iPhone at the same time as the mod.

The Li Po batteries of the 75W DotMod are long gone. In their place, dual 16850 batteries which are a huge improvement. Although the DotBox V2 is a regulated mod, the bypass system afforded by dual batteries mean it can deliver hits like a mech mod.

In terms of intuitive design, DotMod is leading the market with the DotBox V2. It’s no surprise then, that these units have sold out across the US. Thankfully DotMod UK stock is still available online. Its no bargain, but its great value for money.


Its hard to find flaws in DotMod’s new mod. Intuitive interface, magnetic connections and build quality are all premium quality. Under the hood, dual batteries deliver a huge improvement on the 75W version.

The box alone is a thing of beauty but it’s DotMod’s commitment to the industry that stands out. Their San Diego based office donate a portion of every purchase to the CASAA to deliver fair legislation whilst ensuring the industry itself can grow.

Despite their very public mistakes, it’s hard not to admire a company that acknowledges its shortcomings in the way DotMod has. DotMod’s DotBox V2 has successfully walked the tight rope of criticism and product improvements whilst sticking to their MO: making billionaire box mods that deliver on flavour.

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DotMod DotBox V2 UK

DotMod 200W

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