First thoughts on the Vape Subscription Box from Clouder Club

We sent our first Clouder Club member a tester to get feedback on the eLiquids, delivery and shortfills in each box. We sent a Gold member’s box, here is the feedback:

“Receiving a vape subscription box was as exciting as you’d expect 120ml of mystery eLiquids arriving at your door would be. We could track the box through recorded delivery and signed for it this morning. Inside the box was one shortfill, six 10ml eLiquids and two packets which was a nice touch. Better yet, it wasn’t full of bargain basement or unknown eLiquids”:


Contents: Double Drip Twisted Ice Cream (10ml), Double Drip Sun Drip (10ml), Decoded Da Vinci Code (10ml), Decoded Atlantis (10ml), Nic Shot, Dr Fog’s Alpha (10ml), Dr Fog’s Rigel (60ml). Haribo Starmix x2

Vape Subscription Box: The Good

“I was a huge fan of Dr. Fog’s Alpha, something I haven’t tried before with tangy sherbet and watermelon fruit flavours. Double Drip I tried before, but it’s some of my favourite juice so I was happy to vape it. Decoded, I’ve also tried before so the highlight for me was Alpha. Also, when you take the box as a whole, the amount of money saved by ordering a box like this is pretty great”

Vape Subscription Box: The Bad

“The biggest disappointment in picking up this box was the Shortfill. Dr. Fog’s Rigel takes 2 to 3 days before you can even start vaping, and for me, the unicorn cap wouldn’t come out which doubles the fustration. But at least they provide a nic shot for the shortfill in the box. Once it was ready, the flavour was good but not something I’d look to buy again.”

Bottom Line:

“After ordering my subscription box I went to buy eLiquids online like I normally do (120ml disappears in no time on my setup). I had £30.00 of juice in my basket, 60ml. When it came to checkout I couldn’t do it knowing that I could get 240ml for the same price. So yes, I would definitely order again, the brands are well-known, I liked trying new flavours I wouldn’t of before and, getting a huge box of eLiquids delivered to my door were all things I’d happily do again.”


Join our: Vape Box Subscription – Clouder Club

– Vape Box Subscription – Gold Plan – for just £14.99/month
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    i would love to try one of these Vape Subscription Box: please

    • Simon Roberts

      Then buy one 🙂

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