New York Judge Caught Vaping on the Bench!

A judge mandating the Brooklyn Ripper case- an ongoing murder trial- has been caught vaping in court! Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice was spotted by court workers drawing from what appeared to be a vape pen in session.

Del Giudice, who serves as a Supreme Justice since 2002, was overseeing the trial of St. Hubert. A man accused of the murder of “PJ” Avitto and injury of 7-year old Mikayla Capers. Hubert has been labelled the Brooklyn Ripper by the media- based on this evidence, he’s not the only one.

The New York Post broke the story on Wednesday after complaints were made by court-room workers with one stating that “everybody knows about it, but nobody says anything.”

Vape Session

Brooklyn-born Giudice pretends to stroke his chin thoughtfully whilst secretively ripping on a vape pen. He was caught red-handed by case workers mid-session on Wednesday, who recognised the distinctive light flaring out underneath his hand.

One attorney branded it “inappropriate” and a scandal. Whilst another jokes that “the only reason I never became a judge is because I can’t smoke my cigars on the bench.”

When approached by journalists, Del Giudice quickly whipped the vape pen into his pocket offering “no comment” in response to questions about his misdemeanour.

In the State of New York, it’s illegal to vape in public places as mandated by the Clean Indoor Air Act. A law which carries a hefty $2,000 fine for those who vape indoors.

The Office of Court Administration has yet to make comment. Giudice though, has resorted to chewing nicotine gum.

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