Replacement Vape Coils & how to make them last longer

Burnt or bitter taste from your favourite juices? Leaky tanks, ghost flavours or a worrying gurgling sound each time you draw? All of these are signs that you need replacement vape coils sooner rather than later…

Replacement vape coils are inexpensive to buy but, like most things, the costs can stack up if you’re not careful or you vape a lot. The most common signs of when to replace vape coils come from the flavour. If your Eliquids start to taste a little off or there’s a prominent burnt flavour, that’s the vape gods telling you it’s time to switch out your old coils.

But what if there was a way to make those same coils last longer? Well there is, here’s how.

Make vape coils last longer by priming them before use

It’s recommended on every package, but an alarming number of vapers ignore it then complain when they have to order a replacement vape coil.

Priming a vape coil is a simple matter of patience. Pull out the old coil, pop in the new then add a few drops of liquid to the wick. Allow it to soak for a few minutes before adding some more drops. Once the wick has absorbed your eJuice you can reconstruct your mod and add juice to the tank.

Before you start vaping as usual, take a few smaller hits at lower temperature. This will encourage your wick and coil to absorb more juice. Continue with smaller hits before bringing it up to your regular size.

Priming your coils is a simple method that will get a lot more life out of them. The main focus is on soaking them in juice and avoiding high temperatures, which will cause the material to expand and retract.

Replacement vape coils and dry hits

The fastest way to burn out your coil is by not having enough juice in the tank. So making it last longer is as simple as keeping your tank full of juice. The other to watch out for is taking fast hits and not letting the coil cool down properly between bursts.  Dry hits are kryptonite to your coils and havoc for your taste buds. Avoid.Replacement Vape Coil meme

Keep a clean vape coil

When you’re changing flavours, refilling or just running low, take the time to clean your tank and coils. A lot of thick gunky eJuice builds up on coils, especially if your vaping high VG eLiquids.

To clean, pull the coil out, wipe it down and run it under cool water. Replace the coil, then heat it up and cool it a few times to get rid of any excess gunk. This will save you money on replacement vape coils and also make your vape juice taste better. Make a habit of cleaning your coils regularly.

High VG eLiquids will make you buy replacement vape coils more often

High VG eLiquids have a sweeter taste, are better for sub ohm vaping and tend to be a lot smoother on the throat. That’s why serial vapers use them. But vegetable glycerine is a thick liquid that will make vape coils gunky.

There’s also the fact that High VG eLiquids tend to go with thinner Sub Ohm coils which are burned higher temperatures and for longer. There’s not much you can do if your heart is set on High VG except make sure you clean your coils regularly to help offset the damage.

Avoid counterfeit replacement vape coils

As a whole the vape industry is impacted by counterfeit goods, and this is no different for replacement vape coils. Buying from trusted manufacturers is important as it guarantees a high quality coil. Cheaper versions will use cheaper materials that won’t last as long, or worse damage your equipment. Buy from the best.

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