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Public Health England (PHE) and the National Health Service (NHS) have finally backed vaping as a primary tool for smoking cessation; a landmark for the industry. This year’s Stoptober campaign has linked to e-cigarettes as alternative nicotine products that are 95% safer than smoking.

Stoptober Vape Subscriptions UK
The meteoric rise of global vaping from

Long term smoking rates have seen a rapid decline here in the UK which correlates directly to a rise in vapers making NHS backing a no-brainer. Get involved by ordering vape subscription starter kits which provide all the juice you need to get you through your first month.

Switch easy with a Monthly Vape Subscription

Taking the leap from smoking to vaping can be off putting because of the amount of choice, devices and complexity. A vape shop is like the 21st century version of the record store and can have an intimidating atmosphere for a newcomer. But don’t panic, switching is a lot easier than you think.

Vape Subscriptions for Stoptober
A month’s supply of eLiquid for new starters

In terms of eLiquids there are hundreds of brands and thousands of flavours. So be willing to try things out. Clouder Club is a monthly subscription service that provides a range of brands, flavours and styles which can be delivered directly to your door. Better yet, a month’s supply will cost you just £14.99- about the same price as a single bottle of 50ml eLiquid and 70% off RRP.

There’s no long term commitment except for your own one to stop smoking. Pause, cancel or switch at anytime with no questions asked. Take the leap this Stoptober and we can give you a special starter discount of £5.00 off. We’ll post the discount code at the bottom of this blog, so make sure you check it out.

Stoptober: Vape Pen, Mod or Disposable

Vape pens tend to be a good place to start. Combine it with high a nicotine content to mirror the smoking experience. We would recommend getting started with a 12mg eliquid for a which can be reduced monthly. Customise your subscription to your desired mg.

Mods are fairly complex devices which has formed a barrier to some smokers. Mods are customisable devices that are popular with experienced vapers. Unlike vape pens, you can fine tune them for flavour or larger clouds. They also tend to be more durable with replaceable parts which balance out the higher initial outlay.

We’ve got a specially curated list of vape starter kits here, type CLOUDER5 for a Stoptober special discount.

Vape Subscription Boxes and Starter Kits

Combine the two and set yourself up for this month’s campaign. On average you could save £250 a month by quitting smoking- that’s £3,000 a year. Checkout the exact amount on the NHS’ smoke free cost calculator. Pick up a starter kit and a monthly subscription here to help with smoking cessation and save you money.

STOPTOBER starter kits £5 discount code: CLOUDER5
STOPTOBER vape subscriptions £5 discount code: SAVE5

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