Vape Subscription Boxes UK: Just in time for Stoptober!

Somehow we are already near October. The year has flown by and perhaps the most exciting thing before Christmas is that the NHS is backing vaping for next month’s Stoptober. October is a month where all smokers are encouraged to give up for a good 28 days. One way to do that is with a monthly subscription.

Stoptober is Back!

The NHS is launching Stoptober yet again and Clouder Club is doing its part with a stunning 75% off RRP on vape subscription boxes UK wide. Visit the NHS website and they can create a personal quit plan designed just for you. For many smokers, replacing their tobacco with eLiquids is the first step towards quitting for good.

ELiquids contain nicotine that can be reduced over time to help wean you off your dependency. Most start with 6 to 12 mg of nicotine before dropping down to 3mg and eventually none at all. If you’re looking to get rid of smoking for good, try out a monthly subscription for vape products to get a wide selection and find out what you like.

Vape Subscription Boxes UK: Subscription services to all UK postcodes

That’s more than enough juice to get you through the month. Our subscription services are flexible meaning you can pause, cancel or switch at anytime. As an extra special gift we’re giving our users a £5.00 discount on their first box!Vape Subscription Boxes UK

STOPTOBER SPECIAL OFFER for Vape Subscriptions

Simply type SAVE5 at the end of your order to claim your vape subscription discount in time for October. Unlike other subscription services, Clouder Club only uses the premium juice from known-brand suppliers. These aren’t cheap knock-offs from a dodgy warehouse, they are the real thing with sensational flavours and quality.

Need help quitting next month? Visit our page to find out more about products, prices and devices to get started on your vape journey.

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