Vaping at your Desk could be a thing in 2020!

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. That is the latest on comment from UK parliamentary MPs who are leading an initiative to demystify vaping among the British public. The move comes as the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping (APPGV) pitches for employers to provide indoor vaping areas for employees across the country, including those in the Commons. In theory, you could be vaping at your desk as soon as next year.

A potential spanner in the works is concern among UK consumers about the harmful effects of vaping. According to Mark Pawsey, Chairman of the APPGV, there has been a “false” impression peddled by the anti-vaping culture in England. Clouder agrees that this has led the public to consider second hand vaping posing the same risks as second-hand smoking.

False impressions are like chinese whispers and misinformation naturally leads to misconception. A report published by the Office for National Statistics found that 31% of people believe vaping to be as harmful as smoking. This concept comes despite the National Health Service (NHS) reporting vaping 95% less harmful than smoking. It is these kind of myths that need to be busted before vaping is legitimised in public spaces.

A more pertinent issue seems to be etiquette (I’m looking at you Sub Ohm vapers!). Blowing huge plumes of smoke in and around the office is a sure-fire way to annoy your colleagues. But the idea of designated vape-spaces is one we should all consider. If MP’s are successful in allowing vape throughout the houses of Parliament it would send a strong message for UK businesses to follow suit.

Ultimately, vaping is a valuable smoking cessation tool. The UK has 3.2million vapers, just 3% of them never having smoked. Of the overall number of vapers in the UK 1.7million have managed to quit smoking altogether. The numbers add up. What remains is to create a socially acceptable culture within vaping. A compromise between those that vape and those that don’t.

But what do you think? Should we all puff away at our desks at the expense of those who don’t. Perhaps we should leave sub-ohm vaping in the lounge to avoid being too in-your-face? Or is this just change for changes sake?

Answers on a postcard (or in the comments below).

By the way, if you’re thinking to make the switch from smoking to vaping our Vape Box Subscription is a month’s supply of eLiquids at up to 75% off the retail price. It’s a great way to try it out without hurting your bank account.

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  1. Seb

    I’m anti-social. Let me do as I want and have other people deal with me. No second-hand, smells nice, I like clouds.

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