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Frequently asked questions

On the main screen search your postcode to quickly scroll through venues. Once there, you can switch to map-view to get a feel for what’s where.
Yes. Clouder will deliver most orders within 1 hour. Please allow some additional time during peak hours.
Select a vape store and start adding items to cart, you can use the filters-tab to quickly select exactly the eLiquid you want. Once you are done picking and choosing just click the Cart button. You will then need to add your full address and phone number before clicking Go To Checkout.
Select a previously used card and click Confirm Your Order button. If it's your first order, you will have to add a new card by clicking Add New Card.
Yes, payment processing is PCI level 1 compliant. Your card details are encrypted before being sent for authorisation and cannot be viewed by anyone including Clouder.
Get excited about your treat! Orders screen will display all the important information regarding your order. Don't worry if you lost it, it can always be accessed through the Account screen by clicking Orders. Receipts are also displayed there and are accessible by clicking Receipts.
In the Account screen click Settings to see the full set of options.
In the Account screen click the Logout button.
We certainly hope so, we pride ourselves on intuitive and natural design. If at any point you were “lost” don't hesitate to let us know at support@clouder.co.uk