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Vaping guides

Our Top 10 Vaping Tips

1. Avoid over-tightening the components of your vaping device

The components of your vaping device are not designed to be tightened tightly, and over-tightening can make it difficult when it comes to opening the tank up again when you need to fill up next.

2. Avoid over-filling your tank

Overfilling can lead to leakages and also sometimes the flooding of your tank, impairing the vapour production and general enjoyment you will derive from your tank. It can also sometimes lead to eLiquid going into your mouth. Always fill up to the top of the central airway pipe and no further. or buy a top-filling tank, such as the Aspire Triton.

3. Gradually raise wattage when using new hardware

Unless you know a power setting that is definitely going to work well with your setup, always turn the wattage setting on your battery or mod down, and then slowly raise the power to number that you feel comfortable at. This practice will reduce the risk of burning the coil.

4. Fully saturate new coils before using 

After installing a new coil in your tank, wait at least 5 minutes before vaping. This is to ensure that the cotton in you coil is fully soaked with eLiquid. If it isn't completely wet you might experience an unpleasant burning taste when taking your first inhale. To speed up the wicking process, try dropping a few drops of eLiquid directly inside the coil.

5. Loosen up cotton in your coil to avoid dry hits

If you find that you are getting a burnt taste at higher wattages, take a needle (or similar long, sharp object) and gently poke the cotton wicking material through the juice ports in the coil. This will loosen up the cotton and allow juice to flow more efficiently into the cotton. Don't poke too much or you will end up flooding the coil and possibly get eJuice in your mouth.

6. Keep eLiquid out of direct sunlight

Nicotine can degrade when exposed to direct sunlight. It’s best to keep all of your eLiquid bottles in a cool, dark place. That way they will not only not degrade, but the steeping process of storing them will actually enhance the flavour over time.

7. Remove tank from battery when charging

To eliminate any issues that may arise in the rare instance that something goes wrong whilst charging your battery, remove the tank from the battery before you charge it. If there is no tank attached, there is a limit to how much damage can be caused by an electrical fault to the battery.

8. Drink water if vaping more than usual

Vaping has been known to slightly dry out the mouth. This is no major health concern at all and is easily remedied by drinking a little extra water proportionally to how many ml's you are vaping per day.

9. Clean your tank regularly

To extract the best possible performance from whatever tank or clearomiser you are using, It's best to clean your tank regularly and thoroughly with warm water to keep it performing as best as possible.

10. Change your coils as often as possible

To ensure that you are always getting the best possible vape from your vaping device, the coil installed inside your tank should be replaced after vaping around 20ml's of juice. There are many factors that contribute to the degradation of your coil including VG/PG ratio and wattage setting.