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Vaping guides

Vaping Glossary


A device which allows vapers to use cartridges and other parts not originally intended for their vaping device.

Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV)

An APV usually consists of a bigger battery and features things such as variable voltage or variable wattage. Also referred to as a modified e-cig (MOD).

All Day Vape (ADV)

The eLiquid that you personally enjoy over any other and can vape on all day long without it getting old.

Amperage (amps)

Amperage is the strength of an electric current. In APV’s the lower the amps, the less capable you are of using high voltages on low resistance atomizers. This is prevalent in high voltage upon low resistance atomizers in dual coil cartomizers or clearomizers.


The vaping device electronic component that converts eLiquid to vapour.

Atomiser resistances

Atomiser resistances tell the vaper whether his atomiser is low, standard, or high voltage. Different resistances produce different levels of heat and throat-hit.

Automatic shutoff

A common safety feature found on personal vaporizers that only allows the discharge of a battery for a set period of time. The average shutoff time is 10 seconds, however it is usually a smaller amount of time in e-cigs and disposables.

Base liquid

This is the liquid to which nicotine and flavouring are added in creating eJuice. The two most common base liquids are known as VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol).


Stands for bottom coil clearomiser or bottom dual clearomiser. The atomizer coil sits at the bottom of the clearomiser tank.

Box mod

A square-shaped battery modification for lithium-ion batteries.

Burnt taste (Dry hit)

A very distinct taste produced by taking a drag on an empty cartridge or very burnt coil. The term is NOT used to describe poor tasting liquids or bad cartridges.


Any PV that has the similar appearance to a traditional cigarette.

Cloud chasing

A subculture of vaping that places value on the size of the vapour cloud produced by the vaper.


The internal atomiser component that heats up

Deep lung (Lung hit)

A slang term used to describe a specific style of vaping. With "deep lung" the vapor takes one long, deep, draw and inhales directly into the lungs without holding the vapour in the mouth.


The DNA is a small variable wattage board built for modders. The board can produce up to 12 watts and can be running in parallel to produce 24 watts.

Drip tip

A mouthpiece accessory with an opening that allows drops of eLiquid to be dripped directly to the atomizer/cartomizer without the removal of the tip.


A condition where the atomiser is unable to reach proper temperature because it is flooded with eLiquid.


An abbreviation for milliampere/hour; a measurement of how long a battery will last before it needs to be recharged.


A ratio to describe, in milligrams, the amount of nicotine per millilitre of eLiquid.

mg strength

A measurement denoting the strength of the nicotine level in an eLiquid; 18mg means that for every 1ml of liquid, 1.8% of it is nicotine.


An acronym for Maker’s Own Device; simply put, it is a user-modified electronic cigarette or accessory

Ohm (Ω)

The standard unit of electrical resistance. A lower number indicates lower resistance and therefore faster heating.


A device that bypasses the e-cigarette battery through a direct connection to a computer USB port.


An acronym for propylene glycol; used as an ingredient in eLiquid. Propylene glycol is commonly used in food colouring and cosmetics.

Primer puff

The practice of taking a quick, short draw just to engage the atomiser.


The amount of electrical resistance provided by an atomiser (see "atomiser resistances"); more resistance results in higher temperatures and more throat-hit.


Allowing your eLiquid to sit either open to the air, or in a sealed container. This is generally not necessary in eLiquid that has a high ratio of PG to VG. It is more often necessary in high VG ratio juices.


The practice by experienced vapers to increasing the amp capacity of your specific battery and by (using the principles of Ohms Law), reduce the ohms of the coils in the battery to achieve massive vaping clouds.

Throat hit

The feeling an e-cigarette smoker experiences when the vapor hits their throat. Most desire it to feel like a cigarette with a full, yet smooth hit.

Vent holes

Holes built into some high-end atomisers in order to provide an outlet for battery gases in case of a catastrophic battery failure.


An acronym for vegetable glycerine; a common ingredient used in eJuice because of its great misting properties.


An acronym for variable voltage; used in e-cigs to denote a variable voltage atomiser.


An acronym for variable wattage; used in e-cigs to denote a variable wattage atomiser.


The process by which eLiquid is drawn from the cartridge into the atomiser coil.