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House of Vapes - Shoreditch

Clouder trust score - 4.8

5  Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Vsevolod Mineev
2019 08 04

We now have 1hr couriers all over London and throughout the UK. I'd love to have another meeting with House of Vapes (HoV), it's been a while, please send me an email to seb@clouder.co.uk once convenient. We can deliver within 5 miles of this store together 👋🤝✌

Stephen Reed
2018 03 12

Very nice place, lots of choices to buy

Josh Taylor
2018 03 12

Great vape shop, check it out!

2018 01 17

My regular vape shop. The best selection of juices, the best service and the best knowledge, for all stages. non pretentious and generally very helpful.

Light Shadguard
2018 01 16

I've visited this store many time on my way back from City of London. Great decor, friendly staff, impressive selection.